The Fabulous Look Of FaceLifts

Facelifts are one of the most requested surgeries in the practice of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. There is so much attention today on looking fit and young as those over forty start noticing signs of aging coming on them. The desire to make a great first impression or to look younger than our same-age counterparts accounts for a large portion of the reason for desiring a facelift. Read More

Used Cosmetic Lasers

The sales market for used cosmetic lasers has been slowly receiving some recognition as a wise alternative to buying cosmetic lasers new at retail prices. Aesthetic laser equipment, new and used prices in the thousands, and often procedure clinics are looking to update their lasers every two to three years. If you have a private or independent facility then you can still be paying off your equipment even after it is outdated. Read More

Preventing Stretch Marks From Weight Gain

Stretch marks from weight gain only add to your growing dissatisfaction with your body. Stretch marks from weight gain can be particularly troubling when you eventually lose all the weight you’ve gained. You’ve worked so hard to get back to a healthy, attractive weight, yet you still don’t feel comfortable at the beach, changing at the gym, or even changing in front of your wife or husband. Your stretch marks are just as embarrassing as your excess weight ever was. Read More

Oh, How Many Dry Skin Products!

Anyone who has dry skin will understand the desire for dry skin products. It is not like other desires, for dry skin seeks relief almost more than anything and is not afraid to state it loud and clear (albeit, only figuratively, as dry skin is rarely clear in appearance.) Thus, the desire for dry skin products comes quite close to being a necessity. Read More

Shaving Razor Bumps

Shaving is a part of our daily routine, but it can be a painful part if you suffer from shaving razor bumps. Many of us have suffered from razor burn, but razor bumps are a bit more serious. We suffer from razor burn when we shave too fast or shave without water, soap or shaving cream. People who suffer from razor bumps have usually had them throughout their lives. The Shaving Treatments page offers you the latest information on treating and preventing all kinds of after shaving irritations. Read More

Stretch Marks Creams

A lot of young couples who are expecting their first child take part in the old cocoa butter stretch marks ritual. This sweet little ritual involves the husband lovingly rubbing cocoa butter onto his wife’s growing belly, ostensibly to prevent stretch marks. Although the cocoa butter stretch marks ritual is very sweet and is probably a lot of fun, it’s not terribly effective. Read More

Health And Beauty Products

Most of us need daily face cleaning, the right health and beauty products, and to understand the best way to use them. The skin, even though its primary role is to defend and provide a barrier against pollutants, it still needs to be protected, preserved, and cared for. Knowing your skin type will determine the details of the techniques and home skin care products that will help you get that supple skin you have always dreamed of. Read More

The Price Of Obtaining Younger Looking Skin

It is no surprise that women and men today want to look young for as long as they possibly can. With actors and models as our society’s role models, both sexes–women especially–are incredibly aware of what society deems “attractive.” Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure against nature’s aging process, but we can all take steps to slow it down. With that said, there are thousands upon thousands of anti-wrinkle products available on the market today promising women and men that they can reverse the signs of aging. Read More

Protective Skin Care

Skincare is one of the most important ways of taking care of yourself. In addition to having its own realm of health concerns, skin also has a tremendous effect on how you look, and consequently on how you feel about yourself. Many women are delighted to feel as though they don’t want or need makeup if their skin is beautiful and healthy, and many men are realizing the benefits of a quality skin care regimen, as well. Read More

Can Stretch Marks Go Away Without Surgery

Can stretch marks go away? Or can they only be prevented? Is stretch mark removal only possible with surgery, or do some stretch mark creams actually work? It’s important to ask these questions, or you’re likely to end up wasting your money on expensive creams that are nothing more than run of the mill moisturizing lotions. Read More

Oxygen Therapy In Oxygen Starved Times

Oxygen therapy has for years been popular in Europe and Latin America and has recently become popular in North America. Many scientists believe that most, if not all, of our medical problems, are an indirect result of oxygen deprivation. The reasoning goes something like this: cells in the body become overloaded with toxins over time because they are not getting enough oxygen. Disease-causing pathogens thrive in an oxygen deprived environment. If this is true, then oxygen is the key to all of our ills. Read More

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is no joke. Many women assume the stretch marks that they are apt to incur while pregnant will be similar to the stretch marks they incurred during puberty. This is not the case. Stomach stretch marks are usually much more extreme than the striae incurred during puberty. It’s not unusual for pregnancy stretch marks to be so large and so discolored that the woman will refuse to ever change in front of others at the gym again, or even to undress in front of her own husband. Read More

T3 Tourmaline Evolution Hairdryer

The t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer has revolutionized the art of hairstyling. It is made from 100% crushed tourmaline, a crystal silicate mineral that contains the elements aluminum, magnesium, iron, sodium, lithium, and potassium. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that can come in a variety of colors and is considered to be one of the best ionic and infrared generators. Since the discovery of tourmaline, there has been a steady increase in demand for this unique gemstone. Read More

Advanced Stretch Mark Lotions

Not all stretch mark lotions are created equal. Many stretch mark creams are mere moisturizers. Although they may cost a lot, they do nothing to help protect the skin from striae beyond keeping it moist. Moisturized skin is, in fact, better able to stretch, which helps prevent stretch marks to a minimal degree. Truly effective stretch mark lotions, however, do a lot more for the skin than just keep it moisturized. Read More

Buy Handmade Soaps To Pad Your Inventory

There are so many reasons to buy handmade soaps. First, handmade bath products make fantastic gifts. All natural soaps are just about the easiest and most versatile gifts you could ever hope to give. You can buy handmade soaps in bulk at the beginning of the year, store them in your linen closet or pantry, then use them throughout the year whenever you need to say thank you, send a care package, or wish someone a happy birthday. Read More

The Most Effective Anti Stretch Mark Creams

Anti-stretch mark creams help to prevent stretch marks, also known as striae, and to repair old stretch marks. There are many different anti-stretch mark creams on the market. The effectiveness of these creams ranges from the dramatic to the nonexistent. Some of these so-called “anti-stretch mark creams” are nothing more than moisturizers. Read More