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Medicine to
your Practice.

From general practitioners to oncologists, physicians specializing in a number of fields can start offering safer, more effective – and more personalized – healthcare to patients with CompanionDx™.

As a physician, your job is to get the inside story on every patient. And because no two are alike, it can make understanding the different variables that contribute to a patient’s successful diagnosis and treatment difficult to establish. CompanionDx™ offers genetic testing to help lower liability, reduce risks associated with polypharmacy and take the trial and error out of your medical assessments.

With state of the art testing, a growing collection of biomarkers and an accurate process for sampling and evaluation, CompanionDx™ is one of the only providers of both pharmacogenomics evaluations and cancer companion diagnostic testing. When used separately or in conjunction, the insights offered by these two types of tests are changing the way doctors like you make decisions for their patients.

CompanionDx™ can help you find:

  • Greater efficacy
  • Fewer SADRs
  • More certainty
  • Better treatment
  • Optimal dosing
  • Lower liability
  • More efficiency in your practice
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