Can Stretch Marks Go Away Without Surgery

Can stretch marks go away? Or can they only be prevented? Is stretch mark removal only possible with surgery, or do some stretch mark creams actually work? It’s important to ask these questions, or you’re likely to end up wasting your money on expensive creams that are nothing more than run of the mill moisturizing lotions.

Can stretch marks go away without surgery, or will you have to schedule risky and expensive surgery to have your striae taken care of? Thankfully, with the new crop of potent stretch mark creams, you can, in fact, make stretch marks go away without a trip to the surgeon’s office. In the past, many stretch mark creams were nothing more than moisturizing creams or cocoa butter lotions. Today, creams are available which are packed full of collagen and elastin.

Collagen is the building block of skin, and elastin is the protein which gives skin its elasticity and stretching power. When you rub elastin and collagen-rich creams onto your stretch marks, two things happen. First, cell regeneration is promoted. This cell regeneration is going to make your scars look better, and stretch marks are nothing more than tiny scars. Second, these increased protein levels are going to thicken your skin’s epidermal layer.

Thickening your epidermal layer will make your skin much smoother. Not only will your stretch marks look better, but they will feel better to the touch. Can stretch marks go away with the help of these creams, even if you’ve had your marks for years? Absolutely. Even if decades have passed since the pregnancy that created your stretch marks, you can still make them go away with the use of these creams.

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