Oh, How Many Dry Skin Products!

Anyone who has dry skin will understand the desire for dry skin products. It is not like other desires, for dry skin seeks relief almost more than anything and is not afraid to state it loud and clear (albeit, only figuratively, as dry skin is rarely clear in appearance.) Thus, the desire for dry skin products comes quite close to being a necessity.

And since, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, there are products that have been invented to heal and temper dry skin almost as long as there has been dry skin. From all natural body lotion and all natural face cream to the more specific almond oil body cream and almond oil lotion, dry skin products exist in many guises and forms.

Dry skin products run the gamut, and only you will know what works for you. It is through trial and error that you may find the best dry skin products for your skin. Not only is our skin near and dear to us, but it will let you know what works almost immediately. You can always count on your skin, to be honest.

And a little honesty never hurt anyone. Although, when it comes to your skin, it can get a bit frustrating. With dry skin, with any skin issue, turmoil is skin deep. This is a blatant fact that is often difficult to come to terms with, since how you feel and how you look are intertwined in many ways.

With your skin, the relationship between appearance and feeling is a close one. When you have dry skin, or even, occasionally, get patches of dry skin, you know it right away. Not only do you know because you notice the red or dry patches right away, but you feel the taught to pull and irritation. Itchy and tight skin is no one’s friend.

This foe must be battled by a small army of healing, soothing, products. You will, when you get the right products, need few, maybe even just one. But the search is not always an easy one, as everyone is different. Finding the dry skin products that care for your skin is an important quest that, once accomplished, you will be very grateful you embarked upon.

As with most things, the field of many can be narrowed to the more natural often being better for you than the less natural products. This may not be true for everyone, with all skin, but, I would venture to say that, in most cases, the best dry skin products are the ones made with the most natural ingredients.

Finding natural ingredients in skin products is not always as easy as it looks, but very possible. A lot of companies are trying to improve the direction of skin care, placing less emphasis on chemicals and more on simply simulating nature. The best dry skin products are perhaps those that make an attempt to mimic the oils of clear, moist skin. Whatever dry skin products you might end up choosing, it will be extremely satisfying to feel the smooth skin that comes from using the right products.



I was born in Chile, and lived all over South America. I Went to the Universidad de Chile, graduated in interior design, majoring in art. I received a scholarship to study art in Verona Italy. When I moved to the USA, I was lucky enough to have had a mentoring in makeup by Way Bandy. I have worked in Theater, Photo shoots, Commercials, Television, and Film, with many entertainment industry awards. I love to make people feel great about themselves and aiding them to get there.