Oxygen Therapy In Oxygen Starved Times

Oxygen therapy has for years been popular in Europe and Latin America and has recently become popular in North America. Many scientists believe that most, if not all, of our medical problems, are an indirect result of oxygen deprivation. The reasoning goes something like this: cells in the body become overloaded with toxins over time because they are not getting enough oxygen. Disease-causing pathogens thrive in an oxygen deprived environment. If this is true, then oxygen is the key to all of our ills.

Most doctors would agree that symptoms like irritability, stomach acid, depression, yeast infections, constipation, and more are signals that something more serious is developing. The body is not eliminating waste the way it should. The bloodstream is pushing around waste and the immune system is breaking down. Nutrients are not being absorbed at an acceptable level. The body is polluted and sick.

Oxygen therapy can be administered in many different ways, including drinking oxygenated water, cleaning food with oxygenated water, inhalation of concentrated oxygen, oxygen enriched colonics, and immersing the skin with steam and concentrated oxygen. People who suffered from a range of problems (from asthma to migraine headaches) have reported amazing results in just a short time after beginning oxygen therapy.

Scientists believe that our atmosphere may have as much as 50 percent less oxygen than it once did. The oxygen content of our atmosphere now runs at about 21 percent and can be as low as 15 percent in polluted urban areas. At the same time, oxygen is our primary source of energy. Ninety percent of our energy is derived from oxygen, while only ten percent comes from food and water. Do you see how important oxygen is?

The reason we have less oxygen in our environment is that of industrialization and deforestation. Much of our rainforests that produce the majority of the earth’s oxygen have been cleared for primitive agriculture purposes, and because of the population explosion in the third world, where most rainforests are located. Add to that the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere, and we have a recipe for disaster. Many researchers agree the time has come to add external sources of oxygen into our lives.

The very rich have known the benefits of oxygen therapy for a long time. They were the only ones who could afford it. Now, thanks in part to NASA, new technology has allowed manufacturers to build compact and safe oxygen generators to be used in the home. These oxygen generators can be about the size of a toaster and they work wonders. They work by pulling oxygen from the air and concentrating it. The concentrated oxygen can then be added to water, inhaled, or applied to the skin.

People who have used various forms of oxygen therapy have reported a plethora of health benefits. Increased mental capacity is one of them because our brains are highly dependent on oxygen and use up to twenty percent of our total oxygen intake. Oxygen users have reported relief from insomnia, increased metabolisms, lower blood pressure, clearer and healthier skin, and relief from gum disease–the list goes on and on.

You may ask yourself–if oxygen therapy is so good, then why don’t more people use it? Well, the word is getting out slowly. Frankly, the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies stand little to gain if millions of people start using oxygen therapy. To whom will they sell their toxic drugs? There is much information online about this and I urge you to check it out. Amazing new products have been developed for people to use at home, and for the first time are very affordable.



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