Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is no joke. Many women assume the stretch marks that they are apt to incur while pregnant will be similar to the stretch marks they incurred during puberty. This is not the case. Stomach stretch marks are usually much more extreme than the striae incurred during puberty. It’s not unusual for pregnancy stretch marks to be so large and so discolored that the woman will refuse to ever change in front of others at the gym again, or even to undress in front of her own husband.

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy with Creams

The easiest method for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is to rub a cream into the belly, hips, and breasts, twice a day. Some women wait until the second trimester to begin this daily ritual. Just make sure you begin rubbing in cream twice a day as soon as your bump starts to stretch your skin, and you should be fine.

A lot of couples make a ritual out of preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. The woman often applies the cream herself in the morning, but her husband applies it for her at night. It’s a very sweet and pleasant ritual. The man gently rubs elastin and collagen cream into his wife’s belly. It’s a chance for the couple to make contact with the baby and with each other in a physical way, night after night. In a way, it’s the very first activity that the three will share together, as a family.

Make sure the cream you use is more effective than a mere moisturizer. Moisturizing is a good start, but it’s not enough. You’ll need to use a cream loaded with high levels of elastin and collagen, since those are the proteins which naturally occur in the skin, giving the skin its elasticity.



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