Shaving Razor Bumps

Shaving is a part of our daily routine, but it can be a painful part if you suffer from shaving razor bumps. Many of us have suffered from razor burn, but razor bumps are a bit more serious. We suffer from razor burn when we shave too fast or shave without water, soap or shaving cream. People who suffer from razor bumps have usually had them throughout their lives. The Shaving Treatments page offers you the latest information on treating and preventing all kinds of after shaving irritations.

What Causes Razor Bumps?

Shaving Razor Bumps are common in people with curly or wiry hair. People with this type of hair often find that it coils tightly. When hair coils close to the skin it can bore into the surface of your skin. This causes ingrown hairs or bumps on your face and other areas. Ingrown hairs irritate the skin, and become more agitated when you shave over them.

The technical term for shaving razor bumps is pseudo-folliculitis. This is a medical condition that affects closely shaved areas. While it is common in people with thick, curly hair, it can affect others as well. When this condition remains untreated it can lead to scarring or permanent hard bumps on the skin.

Preventing Shaving Razor Bumps

There are many different ways to prevent and treat razor bumps. It’s easier than you think to resolve this problem. When you do, shaving will be less painful and faster than ever before. Not only will shaving no longer is a painful process, but also when you solve your post shaving problems you’ll feel better about your appearance as well.

One option for the permanent treatment of razor bumps other redness from shaving is laser surgery. This is a non-evasive surgery where hair is removed from the face or other areas. If your hair does grow back it comes in much lighter and less wiry. It normally takes at least three to five visits to see permanent results. This procedure is the most expensive of the treatment options.

Topical Solutions

Another option for the treatment of shaving razor bumps is the use of depilatories. A depilatory is a cream or other liquid substance that is used to remove unwanted hair. Doctors, barbers, and other hair care professionals suggest this option as a way to avoid irritating your bumps with a razor blade. While this is a more affordable option it can irritate sensitive skin. If you’re like me, depilatories tend to make the area break out in tiny pimples.

Many people seek the assistance of healthcare professionals for their shaving razor bumps. Doctors prescribe topical ointments containing cortisone or other antibiotics. These products soothe the irritation and reduce swelling. Unfortunately, they solve the symptoms but not the problem. You will have to find another method to stop the razor bumps from coming back again and again.

Finally, people turn to after-shave products to treat and prevent shaving razor bumps. These products contain ingredients that prevent your skin from breaking down fat into fatty acids. These fatty acids are what irritates the skin, and lead to breakouts and razor bumps. There are many products available today that provide you with permanent relief from razor burn, razor bumps, and other skin irritations.



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