Stretch Marks Creams

A lot of young couples who are expecting their first child take part in the old cocoa butter stretch marks ritual. This sweet little ritual involves the husband lovingly rubbing cocoa butter onto his wife’s growing belly, ostensibly to prevent stretch marks. Although the cocoa butter stretch marks ritual is very sweet and is probably a lot of fun, it’s not terribly effective.

The only thing a cocoa butter stretch marks cream or lotion can provide is moisture. The cream is nothing more than a plain old moisturizer. Of course, keeping the skin moisturized is likely to give it a little more elasticity. Generally, however, it won’t give the skin the level of elasticity it needs to dodge the tiny tears and rips which result in stretch marks, also known as striae.

Husband and wife can still enjoy the ritual of the nightly belly rub. Only the cream they should use isn’t a cocoa buttercream, but a cream rich in collagen and elastin. What’s so great about collagen and elastin-rich creams, anyway? Why are they so much more effective than cocoa butter?

Collagen is the basic building block of the skin. It allows a skin to bind. Elastin is the protein which gives skin elasticity. When the skin’s levels of collagen and elastin are too low, skin is unable to stretch to the extremes that pregnancy requires. Increase the levels of collagen and elastin, and you dramatically increase the skin’s elasticity. The higher the levels of these proteins in the cream, the more effective that cream will be.

The Alternative To Cocoa Butter Stretch Marks Creams

If you’re pregnant, you’ll want to invest in a good stretch mark striae cream. However, pregnant women aren’t the only people who need to concern themselves with preventing stretch marks. People often incur stretch marks from weight gain, from muscle gain due to bodybuilding, or from body changes brought on by puberty.

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Too many pregnant women rely on plain old cocoa butter for striae prevention. This age-old home remedy for stretch marks simply does not work as effectively as today’s more advanced stretch mark striae creams. The most effective stretch mark striae creams available today are not mere moisturizers, but scientifically proven elastin creams.

Elastin is a protein which occurs naturally in the skin. As the name indicates, elastin provides the skin with its elasticity. Collagen is another protein found in the skin. You may have heard of collagen because of its use in cosmetic surgery. Collagen is the building block of skin.

If your skin has plenty of collagen and elastin, it can stretch to amazing extremes, without tearing. Unfortunately, most adult women don’t have high enough levels of these important proteins to prevent tears in the skin during pregnancy. By rubbing a cream of elastin and collagen into the skin during pregnancy, you supply your skin with the increased levels of protein it needs to meet the challenge of your changing shape.



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