Preventing Stretch Marks From Weight Gain

Stretch marks from weight gain only add to your growing dissatisfaction with your body. Stretch marks from weight gain can be particularly troubling when you eventually lose all the weight you’ve gained. You’ve worked so hard to get back to a healthy, attractive weight, yet you still don’t feel comfortable at the beach, changing at … Read More

Stretch Marks Creams

A lot of young couples who are expecting their first child take part in the old cocoa butter stretch marks ritual. This sweet little ritual involves the husband lovingly rubbing cocoa butter onto his wife’s growing belly, ostensibly to prevent stretch marks. Although the cocoa butter stretch marks ritual is very sweet and is probably … Read More

Can Stretch Marks Go Away Without Surgery

Can stretch marks go away? Or can they only be prevented? Is stretch mark removal only possible with surgery, or do some stretch mark creams actually work? It’s important to ask these questions, or you’re likely to end up wasting your money on expensive creams that are nothing more than run of the mill moisturizing … Read More

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is no joke. Many women assume the stretch marks that they are apt to incur while pregnant will be similar to the stretch marks they incurred during puberty. This is not the case. Stomach stretch marks are usually much more extreme than the striae incurred during puberty. It’s not unusual … Read More

Advanced Stretch Mark Lotions

Not all stretch mark lotions are created equal. Many stretch mark creams are mere moisturizers. Although they may cost a lot, they do nothing to help protect the skin from striae beyond keeping it moist. Moisturized skin is, in fact, better able to stretch, which helps prevent stretch marks to a minimal degree. Truly effective … Read More

The Most Effective Anti Stretch Mark Creams

Anti-stretch mark creams help to prevent stretch marks, also known as striae, and to repair old stretch marks. There are many different anti-stretch mark creams on the market. The effectiveness of these creams ranges from the dramatic to the nonexistent. Some of these so-called “anti-stretch mark creams” are nothing more than moisturizers.