T3 Tourmaline Evolution Hairdryer

The t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer has revolutionized the art of hairstyling. This tool is considered to be the best quiet hair dryer on the market. It is made from 100% crushed tourmaline, a crystal silicate mineral that contains the elements aluminum, magnesium, iron, sodium, lithium, and potassium. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that can come in a variety of colors and is considered to be one of the best ionic and infrared generators. Since the discovery of tourmaline, there has been a steady increase in demand for this unique gemstone.

Regular hair dryers use wires that have high electric resistivity and can heat up rapidly through an electric current. The hair dryer’s fan blows air through the hot coils which result in a faster process of drying and styling hair. Most hairdryers use a coiled nichrome wire, as its heating element.  The problem with the frequent use of hair dryers is that it dries up the hair and causes it to become unhealthy. The t3 tourmaline dryer, unlike regular hair dryers, uses tourmaline to generate heat while getting rid of the infrared heat and negative ions that cause dry and frizzy hair.

Most hair care professionals prefer to use the t3 Tourmaline evolution hairdryer as it provides only the best results for the hair. If you frequently blow dry your hair but you don’t want dry and unhealthy hair, then the t3 dryer may just be the right hair dryer for you. Some of the benefits of using a tourmaline ionic hair dryer are listed below:

The t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer gives the hair extra shine and makes it appear silky. The negative ions that are released when using this kind of hair dryer close the cuticle layer and results in natural smooth and shiny hair that can make anyone stand out in a crowd. Tourmaline also locks in the hair’s moisture preventing it from becoming dry and unhealthy.

It also provides added moisture for the hair so even if you have dry hair caused by the frequent use of other chemicals then using tourmaline hair dryer can make your hair look less dry as it allows small particles of water to be absorbed easily by the hair.

The t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer can dry your hair without damaging as it uses infrared heat. Infrared heat is delivered directly to the hair shaft, as a result only a small amount of heat is delivered to the hair, which prevents damage.

Since the t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer is made out of 100% tourmaline, it dries hair faster than any other dryer. It uses infrared heat technology and negative ions for faster hair drying.

The t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer is perfect for professional hair stylists and as well as for regular people who frequently use hair dryers to dry their hair. You can say goodbye to dry and unhealthy hair caused by normal hair dryers by using the t3 tourmaline evolution hairdryer. This is an incredible breakthrough that has revolutionized the hair styling business. It is also very lightweight so it is easy to bring around in a bag while traveling.



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