The Most Effective Anti Stretch Mark Creams

Anti-stretch mark creams help to prevent stretch marks, also known as striae, and to repair old stretch marks. There are many different anti-stretch mark creams on the market. The effectiveness of these creams ranges from the dramatic to the nonexistent. Some of these so-called “anti-stretch mark creams” are nothing more than moisturizers.

It’s true that simple moisturizers offer a minimal amount of protection against developing striae because moisturizing the skin increases its elasticity. The amount of protection offered, however, is very small. If you are serious about preventing stretch marks, you should purchase a cream with collagen, elastin, or a combination of the two. Anyone who is rapidly gaining weight due to pregnancy, or rapidly gaining muscle due to bodybuilding, should give themselves the maximum amount of protection with one of these potent creams.

To determine which creams are the most effective, we must consider how stretch marks form in the first place. Collagen is the basic building block of skin. It’s the protein that gives skin its binding nature. Elastin is the protein that gives skin its elasticity. Although the skin is remarkably elastic, it can, at times, be stretched beyond its limits. At these times, small tears or rips form in the skin. The tears heal and are replaced with rippled scar tissue known as stretch marks.

Since skin is torn due to a deficit of collagen and elastin, the most powerful antidote to stretch marks is to supply the skin with more collagen and elastin. Give the skin more of what it needs to stay elastic, and it will be able to stretch further. The higher the potency of the collagen and elastin in your anti-stretch mark cream, the better protected you will be.

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