Used Cosmetic Lasers

The sales market for used cosmetic lasers has been slowly receiving some recognition as a wise alternative to buying cosmetic lasers new at retail prices. Aesthetic laser equipment, new and used prices in the thousands, and often procedure clinics are looking to update their lasers every two to three years. If you have a private or independent facility then you can still be paying off your equipment even after it is outdated.

Purchasing Used Cosmetic Lasers may be an option for you to consider if you still want like new equipment, but for a fraction of the retail price. When you purchase new equipment at full price from the manufacturer, you often receive full factory support for your maintenance needs. One argument, which is discussed on various website articles, is that some do not believe the factory support is worth how much more new equipment costs.

When you are ready to update your laser equipment you can resell your used machines to a pre-owned sales dealer. They will buy your devices from you for a fraction of what they will be able to sell it for to their clients. One thing to consider before you purchase new laser machines is that pre-owned equipment sells for an average of half the retail cost.

This means that you will probably receive back about a third of what you paid for your new equipment, which may or may not pay off the balance you still owe on it. The only other way you can make up the difference is by the number of treatments you do with your equipment. Some believe that used cosmetic lasers equipment purchases can actually contribute to increasing your profits instead of taking away from them.

There are several kinds of cosmetic lasers used for different purposes, and some can be used for multiple purposes. It first begins with the laser itself and how it works. A continuous wave carbon dioxide laser, for example, was one of the first to be invented and used for skin treatments.

This laser produces a continuous flow of infrared light to heat the tissue, but the light can be chopped into pulses giving it more flexibility. Another type of used cosmetic lasers you may find is the high energy short pulse carbon dioxide laser. This laser is often used for wrinkles, scars, skin tumors, and eyelids. There are many more types of lasers which will be discussed later in this article.

Some of the names you will come across for cosmetic lasers may include the Quantum series, Epilight, Vasculight, Lightsheer, Gentlelase, Lyra, Estelux, and Lumenis. Other names you may see can be Candela, Coherent Ultrapulse, Con Bio, Altus, Laserscope, Medlite, Sharplan and Syneron Aurora. You will see laser types such as luxury lasers, aesthetic lasers, diode, YAG, IPL, medical lasers and skin resurfacing and therapy lasers.

Used cosmetic lasers may have crystals or they may be flashlamp lasers, switched ruby lasers and pulsed light lasers. There are many different types of lasers which work for skin surgery practices and can be highly popular on the market. You may be able to find many of these different types of lasers at a lower than retail price when you purchase them from pre-owned dealers.



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